“Unbalance_In_Rotating_Parts” in project Industrial Compressor Predictive Maintenance - Nordic Thingy:53


I have a question about the above.

Thanks for the interesting project with the application of predictive maintenance with the Tingy:53. What is not clear to me from the project write down is how the labeled data (“Unbalance_In_Rotating_Parts”) is collected. Could you (somebody) explain how this was done?

Thanks in advance.



Hi @GerverA

Thanks for the interest,

Is this the project that you are referring to?

Just had a look, and the source for this is hosted by an external company @zalmotek , I cant access it right now to check but will try to get added. You can ask them via github here:



Thanks Eoin, I will check with Zalmotek.

Hello @GerverA , it came to our attention that the repo was indeed private and we have fixed it, the repo containing the dataset is now public. Thank you for the heads up!

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