Unable to retain label from CLI data import

Question/Issue: I tried to import data using Edge Impulse CLI, using the following command in command prompt,
edge-impulse-uploader --api-key [api key] --label [label name] “directory”.

I succesfully import the data to Edge Impulse UI, however it doesn’t retain the label. Would anyone be able to help me with this ?

Welcome to the forum peter511,

It seems like there might be a conflict in labels / auto labelling, or possibly an incorrect structure on the command:

  1. Correct Command Format: Ensure that you are using the correct format for the CLI command. The label should be specified using the --label flag. The correct format is:
edge-impulse-uploader --api-key YOUR_API_KEY --label "YOUR_LABEL" "path/to/your/file_or_directory"

Test this with a Single File: Try uploading a single file with the --label option to see if the label is applied correctly. This can help isolate the issue.
Make sure that the label name is correctly specified and enclosed in quotes.
2. Automatic Label Inference: If a labeling method is not provided, Edge Impulse automatically infers labels from the filename. Verify that the file names do not contain labels that could be conflicting with your intended labels.
3. Use of JSON File for Custom Labeling: If your dataset requires more complex labeling, consider using a JSON file to define your labels, as described in the documentation. This method allows you to precisely specify labels for each file and bypasses automatic label inference.
4. Check Label Names: Ensure that the label names you are using match the expected format (usually alphanumeric characters without special symbols).
5. API Key and Project Consistency: Confirm that the API key you’re using corresponds to the correct Edge Impulse project where you want to upload and label your data. (unlikely this is your issue but worth stating for others debugging this)