Unable to CROP raw time series data collected

Does Edge Impulse Studio support cropping of sampled data when the data is “raw time series data”?

When I select “crop data” on a collected raw time series data sample in studio, no window opens to allow the cropping of the sampled data. The crop function works properly on other projects (e.g. sampled audio data). I’m collecting data from a Laser Time of Flight sensor with an Arduino application and the motion detection "event’ I need to train the model on occurs during the sample window but does not occupy the entire window.

Hi @Jim_Newcaretec

Could you kindly elaborate on the kind of data are you collecting? If it is motion/accelerometer data it should work by heading to data acquisition , click ⋮then select crop sample. Kindly check this blog for your reference https://www.edgeimpulse.com/blog/crop-split-data .

Let me know if this helps!


Hello @Jim_Newcaretec,

I can reproduce your error, in the browser console it is showing:

bundle.min.js:22 Uncaught (in promise) Error: noUiSlider (14.0.1): 'range' 'min' and 'max' cannot be equal.

I will create an internal ticket so our Studio team can investigate further.



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Actually we already have an internal ticket open on this, it appears that the crop or split functions raise an exception when trying to crop or split flat wave…

We will let you know if we have more information.




@Louis I appreciate the prompt reply and update! Will you be monitoring when a potential fix is available that I can test with my data, or can you point me to where I can monitor that a fix should be in place? Again, your responsiveness is much appreciated. Thx! Jim