Unable to capture data from nano

I’m trying to use a Nano BLE. The first sample upload was OK, then I couldn’t upload any more. I used some recordign to make the model and then tried to use live classification and got this error:

Hi @davidthegeek ,

From the screenshot, it looks liike your nano 33 BLE Sense isn’t recording any audio that’s why you are getting the loading features error. It might be as a result of a possible damage to the digital MEMS microphone.


Hi Clinton

I don’t think that’s the case. Here’s the first recording, which was successful:

Hi @davidthegeek ,

Just to confirm the microphone is okay, could you try running a standalone arduino program to make sure that the mic can capture audio? You might find this tutorial helpful: https://docs.arduino.cc/tutorials/nano-33-ble-sense/microphone_sensor


Thanks Clinton, that sketch works perfectly, so I think the microphone is fine. I though the “bad gateway” message might be a clue…