[Tutorial] Using Edge Impulse AI Inferences to Trigger Events in Arduino

Hello everyone,

Thought I’d share this tutorial I put on Medium. I am a newbie - and as such, the content is newbie level. Maybe someone out there will find it useful though!

Constructive criticism invited.


Great @avielbr, will make sure to share on our channels.

hi good day sir, i was wondering if you could have a tutorial which uses raspberry pi instead of arduino board, i am working on a simple garbage sorting machine which uses AI to classify trash and trigger an event using raspberry pi

Hi @MarLon4321,

I will certainly add this to the list! I plan on getting a Pi 4 soon and will update here when I am better equipped to help.

You’re welcome to share what you have tried so far (probably best in a new thread) and I/others on the forum will give input. Good luck!