Transfer Project Back to Personal

Hi there. My Enterprise free trial has run out, and I would like to export all the data from one of the projects under my organization. However, Any time I try too it takes me to a page that says my free trial has run out. Is there any way to export my data? This is my project link:

Hi @SMCoder775,

Thank you for pointing this out. I have brought this up with engineering, and they are working on a fix ASAP.

Hi @SMCoder775,

I want to let you know that an update was pushed today that should fix this issue. When the enterprise trial expires, users will have a grace period (between days 14 and 30) to convert any enterprise projects to community-tier projects. Note that any enterprise functionality that was present in the project will be lost, but you will keep your data and model settings.

It works great! Thank you so much!