Training data is not stored

I am feeling foolish, waving my eval board around (my arm aches…) and yet I cannot see any progress on data acquisition. The edge-impulse-daemon shows:
[WS ] Incoming sampling request { path: ‘/api/training/data’,
label: ‘updown_01’,
length: 10000,
interval: 16,
hmacKey: ‘6c3374b9a2d9a…’,
sensor: ‘Built-in accelerometer’ }
[SER] Configured upload settings
[SER] Instructed device…
[SER] Sampling started
[SER] Sampling done
[SER] Uploading started
[SER] Sampling finished
but data remains at 0s collected in the data acquisition dashboard.
So, what am I doing wrong :frowning: ?

Hi @nicbkw, that all looks good! What is your project ID (it’s in the URL for your dashboard)? We can take a look at the ingestion pipeline and see what might have happened.

Alternatively you can re-provision keys in your device via:

$ edge-impulse-daemon --clean

Hi Jan, Thanks for the rapid reply - is this what you need?


Hey, I don’t see any data for this project in the database nor in our ingestion logs… Could you paste the output from edge-impulse-daemon --clean here?

Also, can you verify you can reach ?

C:\Users\nicbk>edge-impulse-daemon --clean
Edge Impulse serial daemon v1.4.6
? What is your user name or e-mail address ( nicbkw
? What is your password? [hidden]
Websocket: wss://

[SER] Connecting to COM24
[SER] Serial is connected, trying to read config…
[SER] Clearing configuration
[SER] Clearing configuration OK
[SER] Retrieved configuration
[SER] Device is running AT command version 1.2.0
? To which project do you want to add this device? nicbkw-project-1
Configuring API key in device… OK
Configuring HMAC key in device… OK
? What name do you want to give this device? C4:7F:51:8D:17:73
Setting upload host in device… OK
Configuring remote management settings… OK
? WiFi is not connected, do you want to set up a WiFi network now? Yes
Scanning WiFi networks… OK
? Select WiFi network SSID: LABURNUM, Security: WPA2 (3), RSSI: -71 dBm
? Enter password for network “LABURNUM” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Connecting to “LABURNUM”… OK
[SER] Verifying whether device can connect to remote management API…
[SER] Device is connected over WiFi to remote management API, no need to run the daemon. Exiting…

I can open the API url from my browser -

And following the --clean, data is being stored -Thanks!

Great, thanks for reporting back! :rocket: