Trained model for real-time classification

can i use a trained model and upload it to edge impulse and to real real-time classification?

It seems so. tho I haven’t tried it yet… See the sample code here: Bring your own model - Edge Impulse Documentation .

We’ve now released BYOM which supports uploading your custom model w/o training in Edge Impulse. Upload your model via the UI (Dashboard > Upload your model ) and then deploy as usual, or do it all w/o the UI via the Python SDK.

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@Joker147 Jan responded.

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Hello I have a CNN model that takes 2 input to detect gusture and I test the code and it works correctly in tensorflow, also I verify the real time code on arduino nano ble 33 and it shows no error, however when I test the model and perform the gusture it shows “nan”, can someone help?