Tiny ML in ti CC1352P7-1

Hi we are from FlixDrop Technology India Bangalore

We are in to cattle health monitoring solution providers for the farmers. We are planning to use CC1352P7 as a node and the same as collector which will be communicating through sub 1 Ghz protocols .The collar will be having accelerometer integrated to find out the activities of the cow and thereby determining the status such as health, heat and rumination. We heard about your company will be providing the ML solutions for the CC1352P7 controller…

1.is it possible to identify the activities of the cattle using the ML algorithm inside the collar itself?
2.The idea is to analyse identify and communicate the status to the cloud through the collector
3.since the device is working on batteries the power consumption is crucial. Will it be affected the performance of the battery in case the tasks are running through out?

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This is a very interesting project @Manuwayanad

There are many activity tracker projects on hackster and in our blogs that you can refer to for pets and humans and our platform will make the data collection and deployment much easier.

Activity can be tracked through tinyml, we could not recommend any movements specifically for your use case as an expert in cattle behavior, farmer etc would know more about how their movements relate to health.

On device support, we do support this device:

It would be best to contact Ti regarding communications and the power consumption of this device, to ensure it fits your use case.