Time Series Window Size

I am building for an Arduino Portenta.

Is EI_CLASSIFIER_RAW_SAMPLE_COUNT / 16 the Sample Length in milliseconds on the Arduino?

If so shouldn’t this value be equal to Window Size in the Time Series Data block of the Impulse design.

Hi @MMarcial,

EI_CLASSIFIER_RAW_SAMPLE_COUNT is equal to the number of sample frames expected by the DSP block, which is not the same as the window size. See this API reference for more info: model_metadata.h - Edge Impulse API. I hope that helps!

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The link helped.

I should have paid attention to units, aka, EI_CLASSIFIER_RAW_SAMPLE_COUNT is a unitless value and Window Size has units of seconds.

In summary:

  • Window Size [s] is directly proportional to EI_CLASSIFIER_RAW_SAMPLE_COUNT.
  • Window Size [s] = EI_CLASSIFIER_RAW_SAMPLE_COUNT / Sampling Rate [hz]
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