TI AM62A Cannot find any webcams


I’m using a detected USB webcam (which works ok with the other TI, TDA4VM)

USB Camera 0 detected
device = /dev/video-usb-cam0
format = jpeg

root@am62axx-evm:/opt/edgeai-gst-apps# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1b3f:2247 Generalplus Technology Inc. GENERAL WEBCAM
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

But when I run

Failed to initialize linux tool Error: Cannot find any webcams, run this command with --disable-camera to skip selection
at /usr/lib/node_modules/edge-impulse-linux/build/cli/linux/linux.js:437:23

Do I need to add something to name_overlays= inside /run/media/BOOT-mmcblk1p1/uEnv.txt?

Or will a Raspberry Pi Cam connected to the J20 Flex work?


Hi there.

The USB camera works with TI examples, so it is compatible with AM62A but it is not detected by edge-impulse-linux-runner

I did also try CSI Rpi Cam imx219 adding this overlay to /run/media/BOOT-mmcblk1p1/uEnv.txt but it did not work


Any advice? Thanks

I was using PSDK
I burned and now the USB cam is working.

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Hi @Bandini

Thank you for troubleshooting. Can you share the nodejs and our linux runner version numbers?

edge-impulse-linux-runner -V

node --version

Strange it works on earlier versions, hopefully you have an environmental issue.

@jbuckEI @rjames fyi



Hi Eoin,
For the working installation with SDK
edge-impulse-linux-runner 1.4.7
Node v12.22.12

I no longer have the microSD with PSDK installed to check there.

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Thanks @Bandini ,

@jbuckEI is aware and will investigate your issue. We will log an internal bug if he too fails to find the camera.



Thanks Eoin.

One more question: are these engine and target correct for AM62A?

edge-impulse-linux-runner --force-engine tidl --force-target runner-linux-aarch64-am62a

Hi @Bandini,

PSDK 9.0 made changes which affect/break the way we start the webcam.
We currently working on adding support for PSDK 9.0. For now use PSDK

// Raul

Thanks for the answer, Raul.