Thunderboard Sense 2 - Failed to sample data Timeout

I have set up edge-impulse-daemon and have attempted to sample data using both the pre-built binary (AT Command Verion 1.3.0) and building the example code myself with Simplicity Studio v5 (AT Command Verion 1.6.0) and neither seem to work.
I can connect to the device using PuTTY but get the following when attempting to start the sampling manually:

AT+SAMPLESTART=Built-in accelerometer
AT+SAMPLESTART=Built-in accelerometer
Sampling settings:
Interval: 10 ms.
Length: 10000 ms.
Name: test
HMAC Key: please-set-me
File name: /fs/test
Samples req: 1000
Starting in 2000 ms… (or until all flash was erased)

Nothing else happens.
Please advise next steps.

Hello @trxstudio,

I don’t see anything wrong, can you go to your project in Edge Impulse Studio and, in the data acquisition tab, click on start sampling to collect your data samples?

Also, you may want to have a quick look at the serial protocol here: Serial protocol - Edge Impulse API