Thingy91 firmware

Hey everyone,

I’ve been following one of your videos, how to get the thingy91 connected to the edge impulse platform and surely i got it done but I do have another question about it. I just realised that as soon as the the firmware of the Nordic Semiconductor (

Was used to update the it’s firmware, I think it happens like overlapping between this firmware and edge impulse firmware, what was later one of the problems for disconnecting the device of the nRF cloud.

So would you pls tell me, what should I do in this case ??

Many thanks in advance

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  • Please provide the link to the video you are following.
  • It appears to me that Thingy91 is not officially supported by Edge Impulse (EI) so are you using the C++ library on the EI Studio Deployment page? If so, then
    • that library and your custom code can run on the Thingy91 or
    • the firmware of the Nordic Semiconductor can run on the device but not both. You must choose one or the other.