Thingy:91 missing as deployment option?

So I was able to flash the Edge Impulse firmware to a Thingy:91 I received. Am also able to collect data through Web-USB. But the device is not listed among the devices for which ready-to-go firmwares can be built. I built using Thingy:53 instead, but don’t know how to flash the 3 files as they are not .HEX-files. And neither am sure if Edge Impulse firmware for the 53 would work for the 91.

hello, you can take an example and then compile and use this official Edge impulse firmware for Thingy: 91

— firmware for data collection in testing in HEX file
— firmware for data collection in testing in open source code

and these 3 files are firmware files already compiled for Thingy:53, the .bin (binary) file is the same as .hex (hex) just in different formats and both can be flashed

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Now Thingy:91 is visible, which it wasn’t yesterday as is seen from the screenshot in my first post. Perhaps the reason is that first time I used both Environment and Light sensors, but now only Environment.