The development board should mount as a USB mass-storage device (like a USB flash drive), with the name TB004, can not find it

From, I stuck at here, I can not find the storage device, even I use simplicity commander to flash the bin file, It doesn’t work.
I am using windows.

I can see it in the simplicity studio

Hi @chelalv

Can you try re-flashing the SiLabs bootloader following the instructions here?:

And then try flashing the firmware you downloaded from the Edge Impulse documentation here:

@chelalv You can flash through Simplicity Studio as well, right click on device => Flash => locate the .bin file.

so do I need to flash silabs bootloader? or just flash .silabs-thunderboard-sense2.bin file? what is the flash start address?Snipaste_2021-09-15_10-38-41

sorry, I think I have made a mistake, I took thunder board BG22 as thunder board sense2.

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it works fine now, thanks for your support. you can mark this as answered