TensorRT library not building on Jetson Nano

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to deploy my custom MNIST model to the Jetson Nano using Edge Impulse. So far, I’ve successfully followed the Linux C++ SDK tutorial by downloading a C++ library and building the application via: APP_CUSTOM=1 make -j which works well.

However, now I want my model to run on the GPU of the Jetson Nano, so I downloaded the TensorRT library, replaced the C++ library in the /example-standalone-inferencing-linux directory with it and downloaded the shared libraries via sh ./tflite/linux-jetson-nano/download.sh but when I run APP_CUSTOM=1 TARGET_JETSON_NANO=1 make -j to make build the application, I get the following errors:

My Jetson Nano is running Linux version 4.6.1-b110 and gcc version 7.5.0. I’ve tried updating my C++ compiler version, but this is the laster version I can download. Is it because I’m using an old C++ compiler?

Looks like OOMKIlled issue, try running with -j2 instead? That would only spawn two processes.

Thank you for responding to my question! I have followed what you said and now I get a different error.

Maybe it’s progress?

This is a familiar error. Are you trying to build our default example or you’re modifying it? I remember there was a person building application with DeepStream, who got a similar error.

I’m actually not using any default example from Edge Impulse. I’m using an MNIST model that I built following one of the TensorFlow tutorial pages and I optimized it using TensorRT on the Jetson Nano (performing the optimization on the device). Maybe I’m trying to double optimize it, and that’s what’s causing issues?

Mmm, but I see you are working in example-standalone-inferencing-linux folder?
By “example” I mean deployment code example.

I’m following the TensorRT deployment code example from the example-standalone-inferencing-linux Github repository. Its under the AARCH64 with AI Acceleration section in the README. I don’t know if that answers your question.

Okay, so you are using example-standalone-inferencing-linux.
Can you try APP_CUSTOM=1 TARGET_JETSON_NANO=1 make clean before running APP_CUSTOM=1 TARGET_JETSON_NANO=1 make -j2 again?
In your second screenshot it looks like the linker cannot find Full Tflite functions - but these should not be compiled in for TensorRt build, so perhaps a clean build will help.

For sure. I ran the commands you mentioned and now these are the errors I’m getting:

Ok. Re-download the deployment from Edge Impulse and run clean build again :slight_smile: Should work this time (your last error is a bug that was fixed - the fix is already in production, I just checked).

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Got it to work now, thank you! Although it does give a warning: “make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete”.