Tech for Good: Using AI to Track Rhinos in Kenya

Edge Impulse is proud to be part of the 1 % for the planet initiative. In 2023, one of the organizations we supported was Smart Savannahs, a nonprofit that supplies African wildlife parks and rangers with innovative surveillance technology.

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Very cool project! We’ve organized various AI for Good Challenges where we used similar technologies to identify specific individuals.

And most recently AI for Bears (blog in the works) where we also involved EI due to the Edge component, we’ve collaborated with EI before on our AI for Forest Elephants Challenge.

We are looking into launching a larger initiative combining our learnings from all the Challenges and setting up an environment where multiple of the available methods can be tested on a dataset quickly to evaluate the feasibility of detection. If you are interested it might be cool to involve this Rhino project as well!


Thank you for sharing @sakoarts,

@sara.olsson.ei and Emile will be glad to hear this!

Please share how you would see us collaborating to support your AIFORGOOD initiatives, across our whole organisation we have a lot of passion for the cause (sending you my mail).

@brianmcfadden has been in touch with already I believe, and @davidtischler_edgeim too.

We love your platforms ethos and aim, really spectacular to see how your community has grown over the same time as Edge Impulse :leaves: :heart_eyes:



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