Syntiant Tiny ML Firmware - Arduino CLI / IDE Directory Errors

I am attempting to upload the firmware from GitHub - edgeimpulse/firmware-syntiant-tinyml: Edge Impulse firmware for Syntiant TinyML board. I’ve followed the directions laid out in the ReadME but when I attempt to compile and upload the code, I receive directory errors.

The errors I’m receiving match up exactly as issue #4 found on the github page. Unable to compile with Arduino IDE on Windows 10 · Issue #4 · edgeimpulse/firmware-syntiant-tinyml · GitHub

Any insight on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @SgtLundquist,

Are you using the Arduino IDE by chance? We need to update the readme as this method isn’t supported anymore. Using the windows .bat script should work fine:


Thank you for the timely response @aurel ! I have attempted with both IDE as well as the windows.bat script. I’ve attached the error received during the script method.

Here is a commit that worked for me on Windows 10 without any need for editing.

Hi @SgtLundquist , from which directory are you calling the batch ?
From the screenshot it seems to me **C:\Users\xheel**, it’s the same folder where the code is ?