Syntiant Deploy Options Swapped

Am I wrong or are the output files (or at least zip filenames) for the NDP Model Converter and the TDK swapped?

Context/Use case:
When building for Syntiant and picking the NDP Converter v1.1.2, the output file is, and picking TDK v13.1 the file is

BTW, how are these two deployments different? I know the .synpkg files produced are somewhat different.

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Hi @mjenkel

Yo are right, the zip filenames are wrong, as you noticed the output of NDP Model Converter is “-syntiant-ndp120-lib-tdk-v14-vxx” and TDK v13 is “-syntiant-ndp120-lib-vxx”, I’ll fix the naming.

One difference is the SDK compatible that is compatible with the synpkg generated.

For reference:

  • The Nicla Voice uses SDK v92 => works with TDK v13
  • The Rasynboard uses SDK v105 => works with NDP Model Converter v1.1.2


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