Support for Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi

How should a newbie proceed in using Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi with EdgeImpulse services?

Project ID:
Not assigned; current in planning stage

Context/Use case:
Have done some elementary EdgeImpulse projects with diverse boards; seeking to jumpstart Hello World exercises with the Arduino GIGA. Is there a document (or two) that can be used as a checklist for two use cases:

  1. Classic keyword spotting
    (completed Nano 33 BLE / Edge Impulse exercise)
  2. Image classification (e.g. using OV767X or other Arducam cameras)
    (complete HiMax exercise)

Need help to get started with Arduino GIGA, please. No advice will be overlooked. Thanks.



P.S. Presently using IDE 2.x; would like keep using this IDE instead of Arduino Cloud stuff.

Hi @baqwas

Depending on what level you are at we would generally not recommend starting with a board we don’t currently support as a beginner, if all you wish to do is to collect data from onboard sensors and deploy your model back to the device. You would be best to select a board from our deployment options for your project. That way you can benefit from using our device specific Firmware.

Otherwise if you are comfortable with working with Arduino you can choose to export as a library and work from there with any arduino board: