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Hi, i am working on a project where I have already trained an image classification model and have tested it on portenta h7, using portenta vision shield, now I want to store the output in the database on the SD card of vision shield so i can later send it to a web application. I’m not experienced with embedded systems, I would be thankful for any guidance and help on this topic, thank you.

Hi @kamran_ayub,

I would recommend you to use the Arduino Sketch environment. Deploy your model in our studio to an Arduino library. This library should then be included in the Arduino Sketch environment. Arduino Sketch includes lot’s of libraries to get you started with writing data to a SD card that you can include in your project.

Good luck!

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I agree with Arjan. Use the Arduino IDE v2.x

This is really an Aurduino question and should be posted here. Never-the-less:

  • Open the Ardy IDE
  • Select the Portenta as your board: menu TOOLS-BOARD
  • The see all the examples programs for the Portenta via: menu FILE-EXAMPLES-Examples for the Portenta
  • Therein you will see how to read & write to the SD card.
  • I am not sure how valid this is but this post shows how to write to a SQLLIte DB.
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Hi @Arjan ,
Thanks, a lot sir for your guidance, I already tested my model by downloading it from edge impulse in the form of openmv and it is working really well, now I will try to include it in the Arduino Sketch environment.
Thank you,

Hi @MMarcial,
I will follow the steps you have mentioned and will let you know of the outcome. and the post you have shared is for esp32 and i was trying to let it work on that library but it didn’t work.
Thank you,