Stopped on "Recording done"

hi community I wanted to ask if I was the only one with the following problem. After distributing on arduino nano 33 sense, I started the impulse, but everything stopped on “Recording done” as per the attached figure.

Hi @gransasso? Do you see the lights on your Nano flicker in an SOS pattern? If so, that’s an indication that the device hardfaulted, but it doesn’t forward that data to the serial port. Could be out of memory maybe because it needs to allocate a large buffer for the audio, then run the DSP code. Not entirely sure.

Could you try to lower the window size a bit or set the frame stride and frame length to 0.04 in the DSP block and see if that helps?

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thanks, I solved the problem, now I have to improve the accuracy of my impulse :smiley:

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