Stm32l496zg devlopemnt board with 3-axis Digital acceleromter

I am getting starting the stm32L496-Nucleo board with an accelerometer for motion recognition. it is possible in edge impulse ??
how to configure and train the model in edge impulse.

Hi @satyaveersingh,

Yes it is possible, you will need to use the Edge Impulse CLI data forwarder to upload your board’s accelerometer data to your Edge Impulse project, instructions can be found here:

Then train your model following the tutorial here:

Finally, you can deploy your model to your STM32L496 in a variety of ways, either with the C++ library option ( or the STM32 CMSIS-PACK option:

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Hi @jenny,

Thank you for guiding the steps.

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Hello @jenny
I am interfacing UART Dongle with the STM32l412 Board. I am trying to open the COM Port detected by the Uart Dongle on the Edge Impulse inside the Live Classification but i am getting the Errors.
I have attached the Image Which is describing the Error Message in detail.
please Guide me.

Hi @satyaveersingh, just saw this reply.

Have you been able to get the UART working? Can you describe what firmware you have flashed to the board?