STM32H747I DISCO discovery board interfacing with Edge Impulse

Does Edge impulse can be connected with STM32H747I DISCO discovery board ?

Hi @Lakshana.G,

As of right now, the only STM32 board we officially support is the ST B-L475E-IOT01A dev kit. Pre-compiled firmware for that kit would likely not run on the DISCO board.

However, you can still use Edge Impulse to help you collect data, train ML models, and deploy them to your board using our other tools. For example, data collection can be performed using the Data forwarder or saving the output to files and uploading them using the uploader.

Once you have trained your model, you can deploy it as a C++ library (to perform inference on almost any device) or as a Cube.MX pack that specifically targets STM32 devices.

Hope that helps!