Start sample and trimming on mobile

I’m collecting gestures with my phone.
In this case a “push” gesture, so pushing my phone forwards.

It would be handy if I can trigger “start sampling” on the phone as well.

Also I make a push movement each sample (1s length), short motion.
Would it be possible to take a long sample later trim, select the motions I’d like to capture?
For example in other to make a push movement I also need to pull my phone back for another movement. I’d like to trim those pull motions out (or seperate them).

That would speed up the data acquisition process.

However, I need to press start sample all the time.

Hi @kasper, re 2: yes, you can. Just click the three dots next to an item and select ‘Split item’. See Then select the push motions by dragging the windows and remove any windows that are not interesting for you.