Squeezed spectrogram (?)

Hi, as you may see in the title, I don’t know why I get the spectrogram like the images below:

Is there a way that I can see the full length of the spectrogram?

Thank you

Project ID: 233372

Context/Use case: It’s my first time on edge impulse and I’m just trying to build a 1 lead ECG classification model with ad8232 with 10s length data and 100Hz of data frequency


If you need a 10sec-window size, you can change this parameter in the create impulse tab.
If you want to see a larger spectrum, you can change the parameters.

Feel free to have a look to have a better understanding of the parameters (frame length, frame stride, etc…): Spectrogram - Edge Impulse Documentation



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Hi, thanks for replying, yep the moment I made this post, I was just using the autotune feature and I think the system falsely interpreted my signal data so it gave that spectrogram result. But after several trials and calculations, I finally get the spectrogram that I expected from my signal data.

Thank you and best regard.

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