Spresense Data Fusion


Your recent blog May 31, 2023 article says the EdgeImpulse Studio can do sensor fusion with the Sony Spresense. But when one selects Data Acq in the Studio under the Sensor dropdown one sees:


One does not see

  • Environmental + Interactional or
  • Camera + Mic, or
  • Sensor1 + Sensor2 or
  • Transducer01 + Detector01
  • etc.

So one is led to believe the Studio cannot do Sensor Fusion Data Acquisition with the Sony Spresense.

Please Advise.

PS1: The Sony Spresense does not have a built-in accelerometer.
PS2: Hasn’t the Studio supported the Sony HDR camera since it became an officially supported board?

Hi @MMarcial

Did you load the latest firmware?

In addition to the HDR camera support, we are also excited to release a firmware update for the Spresense enabling the Edge Impulse sensor fusion module. Sensor fusion plays a vital role in combining data from various sensors to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the environment.



Hi @MMarcial ,

we do support Sensor fusion in the meaning that you can add in our repo the code for a new external sensor and then use the sensor fusion module to handle it. You can check how the inertial is handled in the cpp and in the header.
Camera and Mic are not yet supported for sensor fusion.

PS1: you are right, but with the latest firmware you should see “Inertial”, and only if you connect this supported sensor
PS2: no, HDR was not supported. It was released I think in the last year, after our support for the Spresense.


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@ei_francesco I understand one has access to the cpp and h source code so just about anything is possible. But the article states Visit the Edge Impulse Studio today to explore these features and unleash the full power of the Sony Spresense platform. The article seems to be way ahead of what the Studio is actually capable of.

@Eoin Yesterday I deployed a ready-to-go binary and ran flash_windiows.bat so I think I have the latest firmware. The link you suggested clearly shows a Sensor Fusion option in the dropdown that one does not get with the Sony Spresense.


Of course the drop down is specifc to the Nano and one would expect different Sensor Fusion option for the Sony Spresense.

Just to make sure I wasn’t missing something here I

If EdgeImpulse is now supporting HDR shouldn’t I see something more like:

  • Camera (2608x1960)

I’ll listen to some music while I wait for an answer:

A-D-A-E | A-D-A | A-D-A-D | F-E-D-A-C-B

We do support the new HDR Camera from Sony, but we do support lower resolution.

That is strange on the sensor fusion side, for the latest firmware.

The latest public firmware was published on May 9th:

@sanieakhtar can clarify, once she’s available to comment.