Spresense Arduino IDE Camera Demo

The Sony Spresense loads fairly easy onto the Arduino IDE. I was going to make a video about it, but it occurred to me that like other Arduino’s we don’t have a simple Camera demo. It took me a while to hack together an example for the Nano33BleSense with Color ov7670 camera and the PortentaH7 with Grayscale Vision shield, Does anyone have an absolute basic Camera demo for the Spresense? LED0 on when it “sees” classification #0?

@Rocksetta interesting, so the full firmware has a good example of this, but yeah, Arduino would be nice. Have added the embedded team to add a tracking issue for that.

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Actually same thing for the PortentaH7 with Vision Shield. I have my hacked together example here that you helped me with, but I would prefer to uses an official Edge Impulse Arduino Camera example for my videos.

The simpler the better: serial print the classifications or just LED_BUILTIN flash if Classification #0 over say 50% threshold.

I can help test programs, just writing impressive/pretty code is not my strength.

Hi @Rocksetta yep, we’ll be publishing full examples for the Portenta H7 camera once we’ve finished the official full support (still waiting for some patches in the core).

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