Spotting Spaces on the Street with Sony's Spresense

For those that live in a big city, just about everything related to driving can feel like the bane of their existence. Getting in the car often means dealing with congested roadways, waiting at stoplights, and stop-and-go traffic on the highways. And when finally arriving at the destination, all of that unpleasantness is followed by a search for an open parking spot — a task that makes sighting Bigfoot or Nessie seem like a piece of cake. This means circling around the general vicinity of the destination again and again, hoping to be in the right place at the right time to grab a spot just as someone else is leaving, but before someone else snags it. Then chances are the parking space will be a good distance away, making for a long walk that is inevitably concluded by noticing an open spot right next to the destination. Sound familiar?

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