Split segments jump to the left side of the frame when zooming in


I noticed that the segments I added when splitting my data jump to the right side of the frame when I zoom in or out.
Last week I didn’t have this problem yet.

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Hi @Rhune

Can you share some screenshots, and the project ID please?



Hi Eoin

Sure! The project ID is 268894.
Between image 1 and 2, I zoomed in.
Between image 2 and 3, I zoomed out again.
(I can only import 1 image so the other 2 can be found in the following replies)

Thanks for the reply!

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Hi Eoin
I still get the same problem, do you have any idea what is causing this?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Eoin,

The problem still seems to occur, any thoughts on why this is happening?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @Rhune

Thanks for the report, it has been logged as a bug. This post was also noted to the bug so once it gets picked up they should update here.