Split Sample Segments Don’t Follow Mouse When Zooming

Question/Issue: I have a long sample, roughly 1 minute. I need to break this down into smaller samples which are around 1 second long. When trying to split the sample I need to zoom in quite far because it’s a long sample and I’m splitting it into such small segments.

The problem is that the handles on the segment to not track the mouse cursor, nor does the segment when grabbing it. Upon grabbing a handle/segment and moving the mouse slightly, the segment/handle will go right off the edge of the visible part of the graph. It makes it quite difficult to accurately segment data when zooming in.

Browser: Chrome (latest).
Platform: OSX

Project ID: 124927

Context/Use case: Gathering data from an accelerometer

Hi @ontheedge,

Thank you for pointing this out. I have filed a bug with the dev team.