SpecAugument module

Hi there,

I recently discovered Edge Impulse and I am very pleased with the interface and the ease of use. The tutorials are great!

Related to the data augmentation for audio, I noticed you are using SpecAugument. In my project, I tried exporting the notebook which calls SpecAugment()
similar to what is described here: https://www.edgeimpulse.com/blog/make-the-most-of-limited-datasets-using-audio-data-augmentation

But I am not finding where it is defined or which module you are using. Could you please clarify that?



Hi @othrif,

Thanks for your feedback! It looks like you’ve found a bug—we don’t currently support audio data augmentation in the notebook, so the SpecAugment call should not be present when you export it. You can get your notebook to run by removing the line starting with sa = SpecAugment and the one following it. We’ll take a look and figure out why this is being included in the notebook.

In the long term we’d like to include data augmentation support in notebooks, too, so I’ve noted that this would be helpful for you.

Happy holidays!


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Thanks @dansitu for the reply!

Indeed, it would be helpful to see your implementation of SpecAugment(). For now, I am happy with the results.

Happy holidays!



Glad to hear it, and happy holidays to you, too! :slight_smile: :christmas_tree: