Some Nano BLE sensors not reading samples

I ran the Coursera tutorials using cell phone w/o glitch. Now running them w/Nano BLE Sense. Uploading samples from microphone works as expected. Same with Interactional (i.e., brightness, color). Environmental shows constant Pressure and Temp = 0 even if breathing on it during sampling. Inertial shows all 9 variables = 0. Selecting Inertial + Environmental gives same result.

Selecting all three (Inertial + Environmental + Interactional) gives these weird result (10 second samples, moving the Nano 3 seconds on each axis). What am I missing? While we’re at it, how can I make all graph legends fit in sample graph window?


Screenshot 2023-02-23 172234

Adding the other results (new users can only add one picture per post)
BTW: I updated the Nano’s firmware to the latest version and installed in my Windows 11 the required Python, Node.js, Arduino CLI & Edge Impulse CLI according to instructions

BTW: I’m using the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Rev2, which has different sensors that Rev1 (from the Arduino spec):

  • Replacement of IMU from LSM9DS1 (9 axis) for a combination of two IMUs (BMI270 - 6 axis IMU and BMM150 - 3 axis IMU).
  • Replacement of temperature and humidity sensor from HTS221 for HS3003.
  • Replacement of microphone from MP34DT05 to MP34DT06JTR.

I can access all sensors compiling with the Arduino IDE 2 (using the correct libraries, of course) w/o problem, so it’s not a HW issue.

@tahunus our firmware is open source you can have a look at it and the supported sensors.

if they sensors are different and we do not provide a driver then the behaviour you are seeing is normal.

As I remember right we support the Rev 1 board.

@mmajchrzycki can confirm this as well.

@tahunus feel free to add the driver code to the firmware if you really need to use this board.


@OmarShrit All Arduino sketches I’ve tested (in Arduino IDE 2) work simply by updating the #include library statements with the new IMU and Temp/Humidity libraries. Microphone doesn’t need a new library.

New IMU Library:
New Temp & Hum library:

The question is if this approach works with Edge Impulse’s firmware: It would seem updates in, ei_environmentsensor.cpp and ei_lsm9ds1.h would fix this?

short answer:
…\examples\nano_ble33_sense\nano_ble33_sense_accelerometer\nano_ble33_sense_accelerometer.ino:143:2: error: #error “Invalid model for current sensor”
#error “Invalid model for current sensor”

exit status 1

Compilation error: #error “Invalid model for current sensor”

13 days ago Louis says here, “Also note that if you choose to go with the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense, Arduino release a REV2 which is not yet fully compatible with the default firmware.”

@Louis Feature Request: When compiling an Ardy Library in the Studio pop-up a message that says the aforementioned Rev 2 is not yet supported. How many of these Rev 2 postings must we read and re-hash?