[SOLVED] Portenta / Edge Impulse – Board not found

(Cross posted from the Arduino forum)

Hi there!

I hope there is someone who can help bring order to the mess I’ve made!

Running Windows 10, and receiving “Error detecting boards” (see * below) when attempting to flash Edge Impulse firmware to Portenta H7.

I received the Portenta H7 + Vision Shield today brand new. I followed online instructions to get the board talking to an Edge Impulse project and succeeded in:

  • Successfully flashing Edge Impulse firmware (using the same method that now fails)
  • Vieiwing camera feed within Edge Impulse and testing ML model using images from the Vision Shield)

When the time came to deploy the tflite model + .txt file, I realized that my computer wasn’t finding the flash storage of the H7, so I didn’t know how to get the files on there.

I’ll be honest – I went into reckless troubleshooting mode and I can’t really even remember all of the things I did to try and fix it.

The result is that I am receiving the error below and have no idea how to proceed…

I would really appreciate if someone would help walk me through the steps I need to take to:
1: Clean my system and start over, if necessary
2: Get my Portenta board recognized and talking to Edge Impulse again
3: Get my ML model onto the Portenta



(After double-pressing RESET, receiving following error...)

Error detecting boards: error getting port list from serial-discovery: starting discovery process: exec: "C:\\Users\\USER\\AppData\\Local\\Arduino15\\packages\\builtin\\tools\\serial-discovery\\1.2.1\\serial-discovery": file does not exist
Cannot find a connected Arduino Portenta H7 development board via 'arduino-cli board list'
If your board is connected, double-tap on the RESET button to bring the board in recovery mode

I was able to solve my original error by following this.

Follow the instructions on post #18 and put the serial-discovery.exe where the error message expects it to be!