SLCP Deploy Option doesn't work with xg24 Demo

Hey @mateusz, in the last two commits of the xg24 example code:

The label_detected member was added to ei_impulse_result_t.

Then in the display results function its used.

But when deploying using the Simplicity Studio Component option. It doesn’t deploy with the label_detected member.

This means that when trying to recreate the demo with my own project I cant.

It seems like this issue is happening because of whatever source project the Simplicity Studio Component is generating from isn’t updated.

Do you think my assessment is accurate? Let me know if its something else instead.


I guess this isn’t technically a bug because in the demo you never specify how to run the demo with a different model, so this problem would never be run into.

But still seems worth pointing out.

Hi @SethW
It seems like your model in the project is not up to date. Could you invoke model re-train in our Studio?
The struct that you are pointing to has a missing label_detected field is a part of our SDK and model. They should be upgraded after model retrain.


Hey @mateusz

I did a re-train and then deployed again and the label_detected field is still not there:

I used the Retrain model page and deployed as a Simplicity Studio Component.
Proj id#: 145138


Hey @mateusz,

Any ideas on why this is still happening?


Hi @SethW
The issue is not relevant anymore, as we’ve reverted the addition of the label_detected field. The GH repository has been upgraded.