Size of object using Edge Impulse

I want to measure size of an object (let’s say height of a person) using Edge Impulse. Any idea how to achieve this? Thanks

Hello @timothy.malche,

I read this thread recently trying to predict the weight of an object, I guess the process would be somehow similiar: Vision to Mass Impulse Calculator .

However, I would mostly use basic computer vision instead of machine learning for this kind of task.

Here is an interesting article on how you can perfom this using OpenCV:

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@louis thanks for reply. I have already implemented the article from pyimagesearch on Raspberry Pi 3. Actually I am looking to implement it on more resource constraint devices such as ESP32 Cam etc. So I was thinking if I could do something using EdgeImpulse by adding custom python code.

OpenMV is an idea if that fits your budget, Cortex-M7 with a MicroPython interface with many OpenCV APIs implemented.

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