Share your full ML project with Edge Impulse

To make it easy to share your embedded machine learning projects with the world, we're introducing public Edge Impulse projects. Public projects give anyone a complete view of your machine learning project, from the raw data and labels to your signal processing configuration, and from your model architecture to memory usage on real devices. Other developers can also clone your project with a single click, making it trivial to create templates and example applications for novel sensors, new development boards or use cases.

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I require some help in finding public projects by various individuals on edge impulse to collaborate and learn from them. Is there any way of doing so?


Hi @AashiDutt, not a unified way, but you can find some projects via

(Google needs to have indexed them, so this won’t be the full set, but hopefully some inspiration!)

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Thanks for sharing this @janjongboom. I was suggesting some kind of repository where people could see all the public projects made on edge impulse and collaborate with others for the better good.

Well, thanks for your quick response. It’s amazing to see the effort that you and your team put together towards the community :slight_smile:

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Hi @AashiDutt
Did you checked on GitHub…as per the search result I do see lots of repositories and many of them do have public project links!
Lemme know if this is useful for you.

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