Share Edge Impulse Project on Github

I realize I can use the collaborators button on my dashboard, and I will test that out with my students this Thursday, but is there a way to share a full Edge Impulse project zipped on Github, basically as a backup so that I can make a model this year, but save it for next years class to upload.

I see that I can export my data, which is useful, but that would not keep the Impulse settings of the model.

Hi @Rocksetta, it’s hard because we have a lot of data:

  1. Data - this can be a lot!
  2. Impulse configuration, including configuration of all blocks.
  3. All intermediate state.

Together this can be >1GB of binary blobs which Git does not like to handle. We do offer versioning in the Studio for this reason. One thing I’d like to add is to have a way of making a project version public so others can import it.

Note that you cannot add collaborators to a project unless it’s part of an organization (paid feature), but would be happy to enable it for a project if you give me the ID.

Good points about the amount of data. I think I have several solutions that would work for me:

  1. Use the export uploadable data and take an image of the Impulse so students can upload the data and then remake the impulse as per the saved image.

  2. Versioning will be useful, as I can version a good project and then mess with it to see if I can improve it. If I was to use collaborators (which I may test), versioning would be nice to protect a good version and then let students mess with a higher version. Or give each student a different version.

  3. Your right about Github not allowing large files, but a project downloadable/uploadeable zipped file might be a good idea for the future. I am kind of backup crazy and would put these zipped project files onto my website for future use.

Will just test this Thursday with my students. My Project ID is 11871.

When sharing to 4 students does it make sense to share a different version to each student, and then have one version that we all share and can work with?

I see you as a collaborator on my project, but I can’t seem to add my students. Also is there a way for collaborators to share notes?

@Rocksetta Hmm… indeed something went wrong, let me go and fix this.

Fix is now being deployed, should be live just before your day starts!

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That collaboration class (went in cold) with a few high school students was one of my most interesting classes ever. We did some fairly cool problem solving, training a motion sensor neural network using our cell phones but for the Nano 33 BLE Sense. (Issue: how do the phones and the Nano lineup, all all phones the same?) We also had a few interesting screw-ups. I am trying to write it up as a blog.

Curious if in the future you are going to give more power to the owner, or leaving things as they are with everyone able to do all the commands. I personally would only allow the owner(s) to:

  1. Invite other collaborators

  2. Delete the project or all data.

  3. Use the multi-select filter (A student completely innocently changed all labels to one label. LOL. Actually easy to fix since the file names reflect the original label)

The parallel training ability of collaboration might be something many people could be interested in, curious about costs.

Thanks for the feedback. Normally all projects that have collaboration are owned by an organization, and the organization has access controls and roles that let you control this - but not on community projects where we’ve enabled that. Good suggestion though if we roll this out to a wider audience.

Let me know if the blog is up, very interested to read through.

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I will be testing this out again with my students this Thursday. One observation, is that when we refresh an old version it makes a new Impulse (sort of like Forks the project), but that fork can not be relocated into my team shared impulse. It is a new impulse only for me.

Probably not an issue for actual Pro-teams as they could just reshare the new fork with the group. Also not really an issue for my classroom as we could just save the data and remake the group shared project. Just thought I would bring it to your attention.

Blog posted Rocksetta-blog01-Group-Data-Collection

I will be making a video about it soon, but after my last video that was simply recorded using zoom, which I was not happy with the quality, on my Edge Impulse Playlist I have re-vamped the quality by using OBS which allows extra cameras including a link to my Android phone using LiveScreen

By the way, any chance the Ambassadors could have a public Ambassadors thread on the Forum? We could probably share some useful skills.

Awesome, thanks for the link!

By the way, any chance the Ambassadors could have a public Ambassadors thread on the Forum? We could probably share some useful skills.

We’re setting up an Ambassadors subforum, once we have the usernames for everyone. It’ll be private for only ambassadors though.

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Great, I just did a 20 min video of my blog, 2 cameras and my cell phone connected on one screen and the quality is great, but I switched to a better mic and forgot to test the sound before recording. 20 minutes wasted. LOL. These kind of stories would be good for us to share.

I wonder if we could have a public thread that allows us to announce when new videos or blogs are ready?

@Rocksetta, yeah I think best bet (if you want it to be public) is to post it here, then tag @aureleq and @jenny whenever there’s something we will make sure to share on our social channels and in the newsletter when appropriate.

I got the video up,

I still have to mess with OBS Studio Recording settings to get slightly better video quality. I hope next Thursday my class can finish the programming so we can finish this project before the winter break.

Awesome @Rocksetta, will make sure to share on our social channels. And I’m stealing your “This is making it Grade 9 easy to make Machine Learning models” quote during my micro:bit LIVE presentation today :slight_smile: !

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Only negative with the video is I got really bad results. I am hoping next Thursday the class can finish the programming and we can demonstrate some good results.