[SER] Serial Error with arduino BLE 33 sense

I have been working trying to connect my arduino nano BLE 33 sense, as a part of the tutorial on ‘Embedded machine learning’. After flashing arduino CLI 0.34, when I tried to connect to edge-impulse-daemon, I have been noticing that the board is not able to connect to edge impulse. I am not sure if arduino CLI 0.34 has some issues. Kindly have a look at the screenshots. thank you[Arduino Serial error](https://Arduino

Hi @Aravind,

We where able to reproduce the issue using 0.34 of the CLI tools. 0.33 works as expected. For now the quickest fix would be to use 0.33 of the CLI tools. Arduino is aware of the issue and is investigating.

Could you provide the system architecture and OS version you are running the CLI tools on? This could be helpful for the Arduino team.


@Arjan How does one install a specific version of the EI CLI?

Hi @MMarcial,

This thread discusses the Arduino CLI tools, not to be confused with the EI CLI. But if you need to use an older version of the EI CLI tools, you can advise the npmjs site.

For tracking.


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Here is an example of how to rollback the EI CLI from v1.21.1 to v1.19.3:

  • Check current EI CLI version
    • edge-impulse-daemon --version
      • 1.21.1
  • Uninstall EI CLI
    • npm uninstall -g edge-impulse-cli
  • To install a specific version the syntax is
    • npm install -g edge-impulse-cli@<desired_version>
  • Install EI CLI v1.19.3
    • npm install -g edge-impulse-cli@1.19.3
  • Verify EI CLI version
    • edge-impulse-daemon --version
      • 1.19.3

What EI CLI versions exist are listed here.

  • For reference the Arduino CLI versions are listed here.
  • You simpily download the desired Arduino CLI version installer for your OS and execute it.