Sensor fusion Gyroscope unit conversion

Hi, the gyroscope unit from the sensor fusion is m/s2. I have checked online for an equation to convert this to deg/s with zero success. Is the unit truly in m/s2? If yes, could you assist with an equation to convert it to deg/s? Thank you.

Hi, the gyroscope measures angular movement. Its unit is deg/s or rad/s. m/s2 is the unit of acceleration or accelerometer.

The formula to convert rad/s to deg/s is
deg/s = (rad/s)*(180/3.14)

Hope this helps.

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After downloading the sensor fusion data and opening it locally, these are the sensor values and their units. Is the labelling of the gyroscope unit wrong in this case? And should be rad/s instead of m/s2?


Hi @yusuf,

Indeed, the unit seems incorrect, I will let our embedded team know.



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