Sending data from webpage


When deploying on the computer, it opens a webpage and performs audio live classification. Is there a way I can send the resulting score of the keyword to any pyhton source code?


Are you referring to what is seen on the serial output from a device? You can parse the output if that is the question. See the serial Daemon docs:



@Eoin When I run the daemon and then open the Studio and click the Start Sampling button on the Live Classification page an audio sample is taken by the daemon and uploaded to the Studio with the Studio showing scores at periodic timestamps.

Please advise how I see scores in the daemon output.

The daemon output does not show scores but I see:

[WS ] Incoming sampling request {
  path: '/api/testing/data',
  label: 'testing',
  length: 3000,
  interval: 0.0625,
  hmacKey: 1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef',
  sensor: 'Built-in microphone'
[SER] Configured upload settings
[SER] Sampling started
[SER] Sampling done
[SER] Device not connected to WiFi directly, reading from buffer (bytes 0 - 98548, expecting to read ~131397 bytes...
[SER] Reading 54% complete...
[SER] Reading from buffer OK
[SER] File is 98548 bytes after decoding
[SER] Uploading to
[SER] Uploading to OK