Select features

If I use Spectral Analysis block for accelerometer data it generates 33 features automatically. How can I pass select features (for example RMS only for all 3 axes) to a Neural Network block? Also, is there any way to generate select features only?

@naveen The 33 features are determined by:

  • RMS (1 feature)
  • No. of FFT peaks (times 2, one for location and one for peak height)
  • Power edges (1 for every bucket, e.g. 5 values here gets you 4 buckets)

Times number of axes (3 in your case).

If you set no. of fft peaks to 0 and power edges to 0.1 you’ll just have 3 features (RMS only).

You can also use a Flatten block if you’re just interested in general data about the signal.

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