Sample name all equal and split dataset

Hi all,

I just caputured 60x 10 seconds of accelerometer values for 3 labels using the data forwarder. The sample names are the same as the labels (so 20x for each label).

  1. Is this an issue? Previously a random hash was added to the name.
  2. When splitting the dataset using the button on the dashboard, it only splits up one type of label to the test dataset. Is this because the names are all equal?

Anyone else encountered this issue? I did this before in another project, and there it worked fine.
Project ID: 63942

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Hi @JLannoo,

We’re looking into it but it seems like a bug introduced with a recent release.
As a workaround, once you’ve captured all of your data, go to Export to download all your dataset (it will add a hash to each sample).
Then delete data from your project and re-import it all from the previous export.
We’ll keep you posted about the fix.


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Hi, we’re rolling out a hotfix for this. I’m a bit too considerate to go change names of data items retroactively, so @aurel’s suggestion is a good one.