Sample length is not compatible

The sample length is different from the one i specified i assigned 5000 which means 5s but i ended up getting 3s .

Hi @Joker147,

You’re overriding the frequency to 1000 Hz but it looks like the sampling frequency on your device is lower (detected: 572 Hz) which explains the length difference.
We can see in your logs that 2912 samples got collected. With 1000 Hz frequency it is around 2.9 sec.


The device you meant is the arduino or the sensor . and is there any way to increase the freeuency to 1000HZ

i tried to change the arudino uno to esp32 and now i got the detected frequency 600hz how can i increse it to 1000 HZ

This really depends on your sensor, maybe it has a sampling frequency limitation.
Could you share the sensor’s datasheet and also the source code you use to transfer data over serial?


There is other who managed to use this sensor and recorded a data with sampling frequency over 2000 Hz

why i cant go beyoned 1KHZ when i uese edge-impulse-data-forwarder --frequency 1000
it show me the 2KHZ> and i want to use 2KHZ with data-forwrader is that possible