Running two sketches

good evening, currently i need to analyse data and run programs from two different sensors (the mic and accelerometer ), even in sequential manner, however, the sketch is running on one sensor at a time
please can i have guide on this

Hi @nizar, there’ll be naming conflicts in that case by default, but you could get it to work:

  1. Export two projects, one for every sensor.
  2. Look in the library that is exported, and add prefixes for all declarations in model_metadata.h, the classes in dsp_blocks.h and the declarations in tflite-model folder.
  3. Reference the right DSP blocks and Neural Networks in ei_run_classifier.h for both networks.

So possible at this point but requires some custom engineering. If we see more demand we can think of adding this as a supported format to the SDK, but not at this point.

thank you very much for your support and guide

Kindly one more clarifications, all declarations here mean library or variables, or both
thanks in advance

Hi @nizar, the #define's and the variables in the following files:

  • model-parameters/anomaly_clusters.h
  • model-parameters/anomaly_types.h
  • model-parameters/dsp_blocks.h
  • model-parameters/model_metadata.h

And all files in tflite-model.