Running EI model standalone inference with TI CC2650 controller

We are looking to run the standalone inferencing EI model with TI CC2650 than using CC1352P controller.
Is this possible to working with the CC2650 controller by following this Integration guide. Guide

It would be of immense help if anyone could throw some light regarding this question.

Hello @Keerthivasan ,

I’m asking @daschwar if he knows if that could work.



Sure @louis, Thanks for your reply.

Would you asked him whether it works.



Hello @Keerthivasan,

Sure. I thought @daschwar replied already.

He told me that he should work but he has not tested himself. He wanted to update the repo too shortly to give some improvement.



Hey Keerthivasan,

As Louis mentioned - it should work with other SimpleLink SDK products, however we are currently only testing on the CC1352P platform.

Additionally a slight revamp of the guide with some better guidance on some further ccstudio quirks has been released yesterday - especially the guidance on heap/stack memory will likely be relevant for other devices.