Running Edge Impulse on Adafruit Feather Sense

Hi there! I’ve been working on my submission for the Neosensory/Edge Impulse developer contest and have had lots of trouble getting Edge Impulse to run on the Feather Sense board.

The problem stems from the fact that while the Neosensory Buzz SDK requires a Bluefruit compatible board (the Adafruit Feather), it does not support the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense, which is fully supported by Edge Impulse. So now I have no choice but to run Edge Impulse on the Adafruit Feather, which I have found to be quite difficult.

Are there any working examples of models that run on the Adafruit Feather?

@jdesai840 Try - it does disconnect after a short while though, not sure why…

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@janjongboom Does there happen to be a EI porting guide or example for the Adafruit Feather?

I’m not any bit sure on this, but this is a suggestion:
You could try running the model inference on the Arduino Nano 33 sense and using serial communication, plotting the classified result on the Adafruit feather sense. This board could take in the classified response and use it as an input for the outgoing BLE data to the Neosensory buzz. This might cause latency between communication. Again, I’m not sure about this, but you could try it out

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@jdesai840 What happens if you run ? That should run on most Arduino boards out of the box.

It doesn’t seem to work on the Feather. I’m also a little confused how the static buffer (my impulse does audio classification) is supposed to run on the device when it doesn’t include any code for accessing the microphone or including the PDM library.

In the static buffer example, am I supposed to be including the code that I used for collecting data via the microphone for training of the model?

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something.

@jdesai840 I’d do it in two steps:

  1. Verify that you can run static_buffer example. Just as a check.
  2. Then, how does the microphone example on the Feather differs from the Nano library? Is it both using the PDM microphone driver?