Running Edge Impulse Data forwarder on Rpi PICO

Im making this project based on gesture recognition using rpi pico and i have run it on thonny ide its working fine but on CLI its not detecting the pico can anyone please help fixing this?
Thank you

TinyML Implementation using Raspberry Pi Pico: Geometry Gesture Detection (Part-I) | by Subir Maity | Medium

Hi @tabrez

Nice article you referenced, it mentions our data forwarder which needs to be configured first. This component was possibly what was not obvious from the article? Hopefully setting that up should resolve your issue.

Let me also recommend our own article and tutorial video from Jan on gesture detection:
Continuous motion recognition - Edge Impulse Documentation :slight_smile:



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I have gone through the articles but i am not able to make the ADXL 135 sensor be recognized by the CLI.

im directly getting this

Hi @tabrez

Is your initial issue with detecting the pico through our cli is closed?

The author from this article has responded to you query on the IMU sensor.

It seems like you may have incorrectly wired this sensor, or have a faulty sensor.

I cant tell and don’t have knowledge on this sensor to give more advice, but the author may have troubleshooting advice for you.