Runing FOMO binary code without serial communication

Hi I am running FOMO model on Himax WE-I PLUS board by connecting it to the computer right now. To trigger the model deployed as binary, I need to type “edge-impulse-run-impulse” in terminal and select serial port. Now I want to power the board through battery so I can’t use the cable. Could you tell me how to trigger the program without wire?

Hi @ryan23

You will need to use the runner to invoke the model.

If you want to change or build on how your model is used I suggest exporting the Arduino Library that you can download from your Edge Impulse project and build on one of the included examples.



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@ryan23 When you program the Himax with the EI ready-to-go binary, then on power up of the device, it starts running the EI application. edge-impulse-run-impulse is merely a fancy serial port monitor. The ready-to-go binary does not blink any LEDs or other GPIO so you will not know the status of the current inference. You’ll need to connect a serial port monitor to see the current status of the inference.

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I see. So basically I can just connect the himax board to esp32 through UART and see the inference

Your ESP32 will need to communicate with you (the human in the loop) via LCD or other methods. My personal favorite it to beep out Morse code!

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