Run the classification on Desktop

I have been trying to run the classificaion on my desktop.I have installed the MINGW32 and build the model from the edge impulse C++libary and downloaded the example form the github GitHub - edgeimpulse/example-standalone-inferencing: Builds and runs an exported impulse locally (C++)
and when i run the MING32 terminal wiht the command make -j 4 i gitting error as shown

Hello @Joker147,

This is how my project structure look like after doing a

git clone

and copy pasting all the files from the C++ library deployment.

It seems that your project is not structured the same way.

Then I can run successfully

make -j 4

From the root directory

I hope that helps.



Thank for the clarification @louis i have managed to make the arrangement of the file instruction as yours and i run the command and i got new error